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Bestill the Unknown

Over the years, I have been working with and creating music that assists in emotional processing and development. Music is an incredible guide to helping us understand our inner curvature, the complex body associations that may come along with certain emotions, and overall enabling greater integration with the raw feelings of life.

This 25 minute series of 5 songs is mixed in such a way to sustain as well as create space in the flow of the songs. Also, there is a simple visual guide that outlines how each piece could impact you. I would also say, that by all means simply listen to the mix first if that feels right. The accompanying text is brief and only something of a seed for what may arise. My hope is that this supports a gentle exploration of a deeper part of yourself, maybe some places you don’t intentionally visit much or ever, and how the wisdom learned or felt there can be more fully integrated into all of you.

Also, I find that this meditation works well on a nice slow walk in nature which is how I first listened to it and what helped me to further think through how to mix it. It can also be done in a quiet, dimly lit space with eyes open or closed. If you’re not accustomed to practicing sitting style meditations, please choose whatever feels comfortable for you.

It features 5 of my favorite ambient music artists. They’re all exquisite. Here’s more info about them if you’re interested:
Christopher Willits
Harold Budd

You can learn more about my thoughts of how music is an unparalleled expression for all types of change, personally and on a global scale here.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to try this.
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