Forest SpiritMusic binds us to everything. Songs are a part of our most sacred traditions and pivotal points in life. It has emerged from every single culture that has ever dwelled upon this earth. These relationships of melody and rhythm to humans points to the very nature of our existence ~ we are made of vibrations. Physics states this through its understanding of subatomic structure. Spirituality speaks to this as many practices started from the word or sound of their creators. Music is our lineage to the universe and from whence we came, and communicates an inner language that can reshape our imaginations and who we are. I believe that when we engage in an intentional and personalized relationship with music, it evolves us. It propels us ever forward towards a more graceful brilliance. As we become more harmonized with these personal, internal relationships we can transfer this to our external relationships with people, animals and the planet. I am dedicating my life to fostering this knowledge and spreading it in the most loving ways possible. It will be a never-ending journey and I invite you all to join me in activating a heightened awareness to your love of music and together we can evolve the world into a more musical and loving place.

My background:

I received my bachelor’s education in music composition, and am a certified Ayurvedic health coach and received my master’s in Ayurveda and Sound Healing through Lesley University’s Self Designed Master’s Program.

My master’s thesis is available online here:


Professionally, while living in New York, I worked directly in the music industry as contract negotiator, rights administrator and music supervisor for the now defunct Production Advisors, Inc and as manager of strategic marketing (music supervision) for TV commercials and video games at Warner Chappell Music, Inc. Additionally, I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge working as production stage hand for large scale concerts, 2 years as a record store clerk, composed and recorded original works for short films, web-series and other small projects, as well as interned for audio engineering and recording at JSM Music in NYC.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time here.