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Keeping Pace

It could be said that humans have nearly always had a knack for quickening the pace of how things get done. A new tool here, a new method there, a clever device for this, a novel technology for that — it seems we will always find new ways to speed up processes. Which is a brilliant trait of humanity. Yet what if there is no limit to the speeds these processes can reach? It doesn’t seem that we will set limits for ourselves and so this will go on indefinitely. The recent advent of commercially available AI tools does seem like it is going to accelerate many human endeavors at paces that we didn’t even know were possible. It is not clear the need for such speed, and well it would be a reasonable idea to have an alternative – one not compelled by so much celerity.

Here… we can take our time… whatever time is needed to be present with life. There is an emphasis on quality — of experiences, creative output, how we relate to the world and each other, and to the time that is needed to be present to make or partake in these things. There is more balance in the kinds of tools we use and how they are used. Being present with what’s being done, that is the goal. There is no specific way to do this. The key point is that much of what is being sold to us is a faster way of processing parts of our lives, though there never seems to be enough time no matter how many aspects of our lives become automated. And maybe, there is a process that happens to be slower than the fastest one currently available that feels more suited to you, interests you, something you can see yourself doing again and again because there is a connection with that process.

The more processes that we can enjoyably and/or meditatively spend time doing, including ones that contribute to the needs and wants of our daily life, is a wonderful and simple way to live. This may sound like it’s leaving out so many new opportunities and things to experience, but it’s more like bringing into focus the ones of greatest interest that are aligned with you. It is a way of harnessing yourself with life and contributing in your own way that allow for the give and take of natural resources to be more in balance with a natural timeline. By not exceeding the natural balance, you are discovering a sustainable existence and keeping pace with the Earth. And again, there is no one way to do this. Each of us can discover various processes that are both practical and creative that enrich our own lives and the lives of those around us.

There is no need for communal living or leaving society, simply find whatever processes, methods, approaches, styles and so on that bring you closer to your life and also provide deep satisfaction. If we can find enrichment and enjoyment in the ways we move through daily life, we can be moving in a natural, more intuitive direction. It’s a simple alternative which does not need to be exclusive of modern advancements, only a matter of keeping their use in balance. Nor is this an exact science — it’s a basic guide of an alternative that is not punctuated with deadliness and release dates. It simply ebbs and flows with the undulations of the Earth.

Thank you for reading.

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