Teenage Spaceship
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Some days there are very few words – of my own that is. I do seem quite puzzled as to what to share today. It may not be that odd really, I’ve shared a lot lately. And well, I sometimes have to give in and go with the curious things that pop into mind. With that said, this is a song that I really enjoyed back in college. Bill Callahan, who also performs under the moniker Smog, released the album, Knock Knock, in 1999 and I always had a particular affinity for the track “Teenage Spaceship.” There’s not a lot to it, yet it somehow would always bring about a certain mood – made me feel like I could suddenly go explore the night sky. I suppose it spoke to the little kid in me that was still present in college and in earnest who has very much remained to this day. I have no idea what this song is about, but I think that’s the fun of it. The lyrics could mean whatever I needed them to or I just let them be there and enjoy the music. Lyrics are often a challenge to me in some ways for different reasons. So when someone decides to be more playful or basically nonsensical it is a welcome departure into things that don’t need translation, more like music really. So there it is. Maybe you’ll enjoy being a teenage spaceship for a few minutes too.

And here’s a fairly unusual article to go with a fairly unusual man, worth the read:

“Teenage Spaceship” by Smog