Well Nourished
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Having just arrived home from a friend’s small birthday gathering, feeling quite well fed and a bit sleepy, I’m wishing I had taken the time to post earlier. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what today’s blog would be and well, still don’t have a lot to say. What I realized on the BART ride home was that I am grateful to be well fed and to be sleepy. So often there’s such determination to share my most amazing musical insights. Well, today is just another reminder that that won’t always be the case or really, won’t even usually be the case. And that’s ok. I am very thankful to have enough food in my belly and people to share fun, unexpected times with. Sometimes, life is the music and I only need to listen more closely in order to hear it that way. Hopefully, you too are well fed and feel pleasantly called to bed when the time comes. And I suppose it only makes sense that I thought of the Grateful Dead when thinking of being grateful. Good ol’ literal brain of mine. I’ve always loved “Box of Rain” and it may be hard to say it’s any more related to being grateful other than being the Dead, but either way it still sounds good, and I suppose it is raining. So there ya go. Sleep well and may sugar plums dance in your head.

“Box of Rain” by The Grateful Dead