Dizzy Dizzy - Can (live, 1977)

Dizzy Dizzy – Can (live, 1977)

One of my all time favorite bands and one of the most influential to my earlier recordings is the German band CAN, a true testament to sonic originality. This version of “Dizzy Dizzy” is pretty different than the album version from 1974. It sounds to have surely been influenced by the groovy nature of the mid-70s, not quite disco, yet still a bit more funk-pop than the original. Either way, it’s so cool that YouTube hosts so many amazing bands from recorded history and to at least get the chance to see the video documentation of these old shows. There’s quite the rabbit hole just for German bands of the 60’s and 70’s let alone the countless others for basically any variety of music you can think of. After this I recommend the live version of “Kakteen” by Kraftwerk circa 1971. It features effects-processed flute and very early music video concepts.

“Dizzy Dizzy” by CAN (live, 1977)