Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? - Pub

Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? – Pub

Somewhere in Glasgow, Scotland there is a man surrounded by synthesizers, pre and post processing racks, samplers, drum pads and a whole host of electronic gadgetry that would provoke an ecstatic blush in the cheeks of any true fanatic of electronic music. This man whose given name I do not know, goes by the moniker Pub amongst several others and has been producing and distributing his audio aesthetics since the 1990’s. Much of what this post will describe is how I imagine him to be as he has kept himself quite anonymous in this increasingly identified age.

“Do you ever regret pantomime?” is a double LP, roughly 70 minutes in length and guides its audience through tapped textures, surreal soundscapes and little bouncy bumps like a child might lead you through her or his imagination. At the same time that it’s innocent, these LPs are seamless in the musical maturity they express. Pub displays his experience as wizard of sounds through knowing both when to hold back and when to let a wash of lustrous timbres break through the dams of his stark structures. Per the theme of this post, I can only imagine how Pub might create his work when he brushes sonic paints from timbral palette to consonant canvas. Each piece embarks us on an airy adventure or sailable sea, light and dreamy, sweet breezes cushion us as we sway gently to his rhythmic realizations.

Which leaves me a bit forlorn as only 3 of the 10 tracks are currently uploaded on YouTube or in any of the internet corners that I have turned in order to share this majestic masterwork. I will do by best to share the rest if possible. For now, nearly 30 minutes of the album can be heard in these 3 works. So when you’re ready for a beautiful inner journey, put on some hot water, sink into a cup of your favorite tea, and mingle in the fantasies that only Pub could be the channel for.

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selected works from “Do you ever regret pantomime?” by Pub