Drums and Bass

Drums and Bass

During college I was the percussionist for a free improvisation group, Hausmusique. These were experimental days. At the time, Gerry Hemingway was a key influence to my drumming style, and I’ve never seen anything like him before or since. One technique he used that has always stuck with me was when doing a drum roll with the sticks, he simultaneously placed the heel of his right foot on the snare drum to change the pressure and therefore the pitch of the drum. It was so imaginative and created an incredible effect.

In the spring of 2000, Peter Kowald did a solo performance on upright bass at Bard Chapel and his style of play also stands without comparison. While researching his work today I sadly learned that he passed away a short time later in 2002 of a heart attack. I had no idea. He was likely one of the most inspiring solo performers I have ever seen. The video here displays many of the “tricks from his grab bag” as he put it.

May you enjoy these unique and incredibly talented musicians.

More info about Gerry Hemingway:

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Gerry Hemingway – solo drums – at Spectrum, NYC – July 29 2013

Peter Kowald – solo upright bass – at Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA – March 31, 2000