Music and Meaning

Music and Meaning

When I was a small child the earliest records I recall owning, or more likely thinking were mine as they were really my older siblings, were the Muppet Movie soundtrack and the Star Wars soundtrack. Fairly different to the ears, yet epically resonant of the times. These albums helped me to develop a sense of meaning of the world around me. In particular, the Muppet Movie soundtrack. I still listen to that or at least find myself singing such favorites as “Moving Right Along” and “Can You Picture That?” pretty regularly. These soundtracks, and many albums, songs, EPs and a whole world of music have since helped me to find greater meaning in life.

I know that most people learn about the world and themselves through music or have had a time period where they did. Sometimes an album or song becomes the defining attribute of a period in our life. Most of us have that special relationship with our childhood tunes, even if it was the 80’s when music production and song-writing style had an extra special flare to it. “More reverb on the snare!.. Yes, like it’s in a stadium!,” must have been every other producer’s secret weapon. Not sure who first did that, but it sure helped define the 80’s sound. Regardless, we know our peers by way of the music that defined our time as children and it seems to stick with us for the rest of lives. It’s a wonderful gift to see that other random person in the dentist office jamming to “Send Me An Angel” and you catch each other totally lip-syncing it. There’s nothing better.

This aspect of music will always be one of its most important to me and as far as I can tell, this could be one of the things that is and will continue to help us to find each other again. At the end of the day, we want to sing and dance our childhood favorites and get lost in the night lights frolicking around the dance-floor or the kitchen for that matter, clutching to a broomstick and singing right along with Huey Lewis & the News, or ya know, the bands you grew up with. So please, don’t stop, grab the closest broomstick or kaleidoscope or thing that resembles a microphone and belt out your best Sinatra, Alicia Keys, Minute Men, Deep Purple, Nina Simone, Righteous Brothers or whatever it is that keeps you singing and dancing. They are all good reasons to do so.

“Can You Picture That?” – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

“Cantina Band” – John Williams (as it plays in the background in the original scene)