My Funny Valentine: Music and the All Encompassing Love

My Funny Valentine: Music and the All Encompassing Love

There are likely more songs about love than any other subject. They range far and wide covering countless angles of what love is. Something I’ve come to understand about love is that no two people learn about love and how to love in the same way. We all have a unique perspective on it. Love is so all encompassing that there is no wrong way to love, just different ways. Love requires patience, forgiveness, openness and ultimately listening. First listening to your own heart, understanding its cadences, its delicate melodies and rhythms that span from near quiet to thunderous Taiko like drumming, and learning to be ok with its quirks and unexpected rhythms. Then, listening to the other’s heart. That takes a careful ear and a broadening of perception for it to be heard in the way that that person’s heart is expressing itself. Once we start to tune in to how the other person’s heart sounds, we learn to hear the music of that person. So true love takes time as each one of us have our own symphony of loving expressions that emanate from our hearts. Be still, be with your heart and listen as closely as you can ~ it is always there to expand and guide you.

And now for a song that I must admit, I’ve never been able to make sense of the lyrics, yet Chet Baker’s voice is so buttery rich that I’m not sure I’ve ever been all that concerned with their meaning. I think what I’m actually hearing… is his heart.


My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart

Your looks are laughable
Yet, you’re my favorite work of art

Is your figure less than Greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak
Are you smart?

But don’t change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little valentine, stay


“My Funny Valentine” – Chet Baker