So Far - Faust

So Far – Faust

Originally released in 1972, Faust’s “So Far” represents the incredibly progressive scene of Germany at the time. Amon Düül II and Can are two of the known acts who came on the German scene just before them in the late 1960’s. This is Faust’s second album and they don’t hold back in their ruthless desires to express something that is all their own. Every song turns unexpected corners and challenges its listeners in ways most bands are rarely comfortable doing. Stories of their lives shows state they shared much the same intensity.

A sound so extreme as Faust’s, people may be surprised to think it could catch on, yet it bespeaks the undying hunger for raw expression and willingness to evolve that all humans contain. The composite of their sound undulates the gut and riddles our senses to comprehend the totality of what we’re hearing. It’s another form of truth we didn’t realize was out there until Faust brought it to us.

Since this album sold far better than Polydor ever would have guessed when it was first released, there were many follow-up pressings. This is a 1979 British release from Recommended Records which I feel lucky to have come across as they chose to release it just as it was originally pressed, with 10 individual inserts. The first being the liner notes along with 9 works of art that correspond to each of the 9 tracks. [see them all below]

Another album that will cause you to embark on a mission you didn’t know you were ready for and something that can be listened to again and again only to feel it’s being heard for the first time. Find a secure seat and prepare for the world according to Faust.

Faust So Far-full liner notes-01