The Point - Harry Nilsson

The Point – Harry Nilsson

Settling into another soon to be wet day here in the Bay, I yearn for a bit more color. Considering this and having revisited my inner child this week it was only fitting that Harry Nilsson’s album, The Point, sprang to mind this morning. Originally released in 1971, the LP came with a comic book (see below the videos) and soon thereafter was turned into a full length movie. The Point is the story of a young boy named Oblio and his dog Arrow who live in a town where everyone has a literal point on their head with the exception of Oblio. The music and story explore Oblio’s seeming conundrum in his extremely pointy town – if he doesn’t have a point then what is the point? My ever appreciation for what can be found on YouTube, the whole film is available to watch there. If you’ve yet to do decide what to do with your Saturday, this will nicely fill up some of that time and then maybe provide some further inspiration.

A quick fun fact: one of our favorite Bay Area originals, Blackalicious, took a sample from Nilsson’s “Me and My Arrow” for this track “Blazing Arrow.” Check it out just below the point.

“The Point” full movie narrated by Ringo Starr, written & performed by Harry Nilsson

“Blazing Arrow” by Blackalicious

Original Comic Book inserts: