Überorgan - Tim Hawkinson

Überorgan – Tim Hawkinson

Quite possibly the closest thing to a real life creation of an instrument Dr. Seuss would have invented, the Überorgan is an incredibly oversized organ of sorts that typically fills up whatever space it inhabits. Since it is made out relatively flexible materials it can adapt to a variety of spaces. When Tim Hawkinson was showing at the Whitney Museum in 2005, I had the chance to see this in a nearby sculpture garden. They housed the Überorgan here due it’s radical size and shape. Never have I before or since been in the presence of such a sight and of such sounds. Deep tones like the gurgles of a massive swamp resonate from this plush giant. Scarcely recognizable are the mushed together melodies that it bellows out with snippets of “Swan Lake,” “Sailor’s Hornpipe,” as well as some hymns and pop tunes. No one would be the wiser. Regardless of its unrecognizable tunes, it is a spectacle to be had and to feel the charm of something that would even impress Dr. Seuss. Tim Hawkinson’s art and sculpture are no less fascinating and I highly recommend seeing his work if it is ever local to you. So may your Friday find it’s way in whimsy and wonder, soft to the humors of human splendors.

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Featured image above is from The Getty Center in Los Angeles

Überorgan: A Sculptural Installation by Tim Hawkinson