Into The Ambient

Into the Ambient

Hi. Wow. It’s actually been just over two years since I posted the podcast titled, “Signal Or Noise?” And since then I have really taken that idea to heart. Much of us live in a very loud world, both literally and figuratively. I have not been as inspired to keep posting more word-based content, musings, no matter how light, still can be confused for something its not meant to be or upset an applecart or two.
All of this lead me to consider that I am an avid lover and believer in ambient music. Some of my earliest exposures were to “Erik’s Song” a track by Slowdive, and the albums “Ambient Works Volume II” by Aphex Twin and Mark Isham’s “Film Music.” There was always something special about this music – it spoke to something else in me and seemed to stretch out time in the best way possible. Something enlightening… something magical would take shape while listening to this music. And without a doubt, I believe it is one of the strongest forms of music for healing purposes.
So. I would now like to bring to you, as often as possible (I’m not one for strict schedules as we know), ambient selections. Very little words, just focussing on beautiful and fulfilling ambient moments.

And to start things off, here’s a delightful piece, “Moth to the Flame” from the Michigan based duo, Windy & Carl.