Come On Let's Go

Come On Let’s Go

Before discovering music, I was a visual artist. Starting at age 3, I had a profound love for sketching and like many young children was fascinated by dinosaurs and spent literally hours drawing them and their skeletal figures. This grew into capturing on paper all things I found interesting, in particular animals. Therefore, this week of posts will feature creatures less familiar paired with songs that kindle childlike qualities and quirks.

I was lucky enough to attend the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) High School in Pittsburgh, PA and when making the switch from the art to music in 12th grade a friend of mine commented, “You seem to express imagery in your music more easily than you do with art.” It felt like a good start to my musical life and now that I’ve had many years to develop my musical sensibilities, it feels like the art is finding it’s rightful place in my life once more.

Today we will start with an appropriately entitled piece, “Come On Let’s Go” by the group Broadcast along with the adorable Southern Tamandua, a type of anteater found in South America. Before today I hadn’t paid as close attention to the lyrics of this song, yet many of them still feel light and the feel of the music definitely makes me want to go places. So let’s have a romp in a swamp or wherever a Southern Tamandua may spend its days.

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“Come On Let’s Go” by Broadcast