What This Button Did

What This Button Did

For many years I have collected lots of electronic music and still do, yet there has always been something different about ISAN. Their name originally stood for Integrated Services Analogue Network, though they’ve always been referred to by the acronym. I’ve always described this British duo as if 4 year olds were capable of creating electronic music. It’s some of the most innocent stuff out there and each song feels a bit like make-believe music, the song titles often reflect the same idea.

“What This Button Did” is from their album, Lucky Cat, and so it seemed only right to pair them up with a pair of cats, caracals to be exact. Caracals are native to Africa, Central Asia, Southwest Asia and India, and have the most wonderful wisps of hair shooting from the tips of their ears. With this piece as their musical companion, I imagine them on a sunny day too warm for hunting or frolicking, just taking in the afternoon sun.

Hopefully the sun will find you today, let you feel a bit cat-like and allow you stretch out into whatever lazy notions may arise.

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“What This Button Did” by ISAN