Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder

I’m just discovering how much I like Giorgio Moroder. He is a man of many musical talents and I had no idea. His first album is total bubblegum pop and it’s actually titled, That’s Bubblegum – That’s Giorgio. This is the man, the legend really, who is known for more or less inventing disco. The personnel he’s worked with is nothing to snuff at either, from Donna Summer to Sparks to Daft Punk, Moroder has been a sought after producer and musician for over 40 years. Now having this retrospective, I see how he became and remains an impressive musical force, one with great versatility and genuine skill which he applies across genres, instruments and production.

This all started when having a brief throwback moment to the theme from “Never Ending Story” and realized that he co-wrote it. I had no idea, not consciously at least. Without getting to wordy late in the evening on this Friday night, I invite you to get a little Italian education with this versatile music-man. Moroder will surely surprise you and like it did for me, may add a good bit of appreciation for this man’s career. Ciao for now.

More info about Giorgio Moroder:

“Daft Punk” by Giorgio Moroder & Daft Punk (2013), intro with Moroder describing his entrance into music

“That’s Bubblegum – That’s Giorgio” by Giorgio Moroder (1969), full album

“Son of My Father” by Giorgio Moroder (1972), most tracks from original LP release

“Marrakesch” by Giorgio Moroder (1973), from his 3rd album, “Giorgio’s Music”

“Tryouts for the Human Race” by Sparks & Giorgio Moroder (1979)

“Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder (1979)

“Tony’s Theme” by Giorgio Moroder (1983), from the Scarface soundtrack

“74 Is the New 24” by Giorgio Moroder (2014), from his most recent album, Déjà Vu